Dedicated, dependable, knowledgeable, intelligent, trustworthy, hard working, determined, encouraging—all these words, and more are ones that many people, in and out of the entertainment industry, use to describe her.

Throughout her 20 years in the industry, she’s worn several hats, including the following: assistant, personal and executive assistant, project coordinator, day to day manager, consultant, advisor, and manager. With her vast industry knowledge and strong work ethic, it’s no wonder she is still sought after by several heavy-hitters in entertainment. She is strong, honest, and focused, and her unwavering faith is one of the reasons she remains in an industry that is known to be corrupt and crazy. To many, she is the light in the darkness of this industry. The word “blessing” has often been used to state exactly who she is and what she means to people. Who is she? She’s CK!

Having been around entertainment from an early age, CK knew she was meant to be in that industry. Her first love was acting. She loved music, as well, and took pride in having MTV in its first year. She even knew all the words to all the songs, especially those of a man whom she absolutely loved-Michael Jackson!

For a while, CK studied acting with Chip Fields-one of the best in the business. Although CK’s desire, at the time, was to be in front of the cameras and she was honing her acting skills, she would soon find out that a bigger picture had already been painted for her. A divine plan moved her from in front of the cameras to behind the scenes, where her whole world was about to change. It was revealed to her that her true calling was much more than acting.

CK started working as a personal assistant to Chip Fields, who began to teach CK everything about the business. Working with Chip afforded CK the opportunity to handle a lot of different responsibilities, which, in turn, allowed her to learn many aspects of the industry. CK handled each responsibility extremely well, and she worked tirelessly, absorbing all she could and making sure every task was completed. Her diligence and dedication to her work caused many to take notice of this bright young lady. In fact, a music mogul saw something in her, and he, too, wanted to teach her all he could about the industry. CK was soon working for him as his protégé. Not bad for a high-school student! CK definitely learned a lot from him, and she quickly became known as someone who could and would get things done. Once again, though, life was about to change for CK.

Believing that it was time to move on, CK began working with musical genius Teddy Riley. In between her schooling, she traveled from CA to NY and VA to be able to work with Teddy on a consistent basis. She served as personal assistant to Teddy Riley and GUY for the group’s album, “The Future.” Her time was spent assisting them with the studiotime, photo shoots, videos, interviews-basically everything that needed to be done at that time to release a successful album. Working with Teddy was a wonderful experience for CK since she had always loved music. During this time, she was able to learn even more about the music side of the entertainment industry, and she loved it.

A highlight of working with Teddy while he was in his prime was being able to work with and being around Michael Jackson-someone she’d admired, respected, and loved since childhood. She was able to be there for the entire process of the recording of Michael’s “Dangerous” album, and it was an incredible experience for her. After a while though, the traveling got to be too much for CK to continue to leave California-where she was born and raised, and she ended up working for Teddy on a project-to-project basis. To this day, CK remains very close to and has a lot of love and respect for Teddy and others, including Aaron Hall and Damion Hall, who taught her many things at a very young age.

After her time with Teddy Riley, CK began working for a record label. She also ran a management company , and she wore many different hats at that time including: executive assistant to the CEO, day-to-day manager, and project coordinator. Her work there allowed to her continue to learn even more about the entertainment industry as she handled everything from managing the office, taking care of the CEO’s needs, billing, scheduling, managing the clients-basically anything and everything that needed to be done. The company was big and had a lot of successful clients, but the staff was small; however, this did not deter CK, and her diligence and dedication to her work ensured the success of the company, and the clients were more than pleased.

Needing a break and feeling a need to restructure her life, which had understandably become too stressful, CK left the industry at the end of 2001. She felt that her life was not going down the path that she had intended when she initially entered the industry. CK knew she needed to break away, and so she did.

Soon after, CK surprised everyone by getting married. It was two months into the marriage and two months of prayer, that she became pregnant with her biggest life-changing experience and blessing-her son! CK and her husband decided to leave the secular world, and tried desperately to do so. They started a Christian company; however, things didn’t work out as they had planned. CK’s faith kept her strong, and she knew that other plans were in store. Unfortunately, the marriage came to an end.

Being one who never thought she’d have a marriage that wouldn’t last and finding herself in the exact position she never thought she’d be in, CK decided to learn from the experience, instead of looking upon it negatively. From that day on, CK has lived by the following philosophy, “You can never say never, and we may not always understand the reason, purpose, or calling, but if we keep faith and believe, we know that it’s because God has a master plan.” In other words, CK lives by not trying to understand everything that comes her way, but to just do her best with whatever is placed before her in HIS will, which is where she always wants to be.

Not one to be complacent, and knowing that she can’t fully leave the industry, CK re-entered it. Her vast knowledge of both the music and acting industries have allowed her to work with several artists including: Toni Braxton, Kim Fields, Guy, The late Aaliyah, Timbaland, R. Kelly, Darius McCrary, Ginuwine, Tank, The Winans, several award winning producers including Vincent Herbert, Bryce Wilson, among others.

CK believes she was put in a position to share her past experiences and situations with the world, so that if anyone can benefit from at least one thing she has to say, her pain and embarrassment are worth it! For CK, being able to finally break away from her privateness and speak out about things she has been through is still a work in progress. She knows, however, that her personal and professional experiences are not to be kept to herself. She feels that she has been through all the things she has, and placed where she is, so that she can now SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE and SPREAD LOVE through The CK Show!